First Try At Purify
$80 for 2 sessions

We want to say thanks for trying Purify! Get your first two 50-min sessions for only $80.

Single Session
$45 for 1 session

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5 Sessions
Only $42 each. Total= $210

If you’re a repeat customer, this one’s for you. Come get 5 sessions for only $42 each. Book now via the link in our menu bar above!

10 Sessions
Only $40 each. Total=$400

If you’re serious about your body, this one’s for you. Come get 10 sessions for only $40 each. Book now via the link in our menu bar above!

What They’re Saying

“Walking into Purify is allowing oneself to rejuvenate all of our systems from the mind to the blood flow. Being welcomed by Sandy and Samantha with such Love, feeling their genuine care to share the benefits of this new treatment already makes you feel so good. You are given comfortable clean clothes , you lay into a warm blanket that is on a therapeutic bed, which adjusts to your personal choice,you can choose to watch a movie , listen to music or just be silent....and the journey starts. For 50 min you are hugged by this UV red warm blanket that stimulates your blood circulation in result decreases inflammation and eliminates toxins. Just wanted to stay longer... it was so cozy! I took my time to get up, relaxed in their beautiful space and had water and an orange. Within 30 min, I felt more energy, a clear mind and my body was very relaxed.
All of my joints were not hurting. I eliminated a lot of water . That night was one of my best sleeps. Woke up the next morning with the effects and benefits still working in my body! Feeling full of energy! It is a great service. Thank you Sandy and Samantha for your hard work.”

L. M.Sarasota, FL