Welcome to Purify: An Urban Sweat Lodge.

A place to cleanse your body and clear your mind.

How Does Purify Work?

Our primary detox organs are the liver and kidneys; however, these organs can become overloaded and can’t rid our bodies of certain toxins. The result is that those toxins make their way into fat cells. This is where Purify comes in.

Purify uses body wraps to stimulate far infrared heat energy (FIR). FIR is heat energy, similar to that of the sun, without UV radiation. It can’t be seen, but it certainly can be felt. FIR waves penetrate past layers of fatty tissue into your bloodstream to activate water molecules and push toxins out. To put it simply, in one of Purify’s body wraps, your body temperature will rise, and you will sweat! The final step includes major rehydration to replace the water molecules and ensure rejuvenation.

What does Purify Effect?

On a chemical level, Purify rids your cells of toxic pollutants and artificial substances that enter our bodies through food, water, and the atmosphere. This includes heavy metals like BPA and mercury. It can also help to speed up your metabolism, accelerate weight loss, clear skin breakouts, improve blood circulation, suppress joint pain, relieve headaches, and mend poor sleeping habits and high stress levels. We live in a fast-moving world that unfortunately can overload our bodies and our minds, so gift yourself (or your friends and family) 50 minutes of “me time” at our Urban Sweat Lodge. Enjoy our comfortable bed spaces, equipped with flat screen TVs and headphones, for you to watch a binge-worthy show or listen to music. Come sweat, relax, and detox at Purify!

Discover Purify

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How to Prepare for your Purify Session

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Why Should You Purify?

There’s lots of reasons to sweat – we’ve compiled our favs here.

Welcome to a new you.

Health & relaxation combined.

Who Can’t Sweat

  • If you are pregnant
  • If you have recently sustained an injury and/or undergone surgery
  • If you have hemophilia
  • If you take certain medications (including some blood thinners)
  • If you have any heart condition
  • If you are 16 years or younger (first time visit for any 17 y/o requires a parent/ legal guardian to be present in order to sign the waiver form)
  • If you have a chronic condition that makes you sensitive to temperature

If you have any questions regarding medical conditions and sweating then please speak with your doctor.